Flinders University Earth Sciences


Currently an existing building of offices for lecturers and university professionals, the project required that the offices were to be refurbished and part of this refurbishment included installing ducted air conditioning into all offices with separate temperature controls. Prior to the refurbishment, the offices had a mixture of stand alone RAC’s, wall splits and in some offices, no air conditioning at all.


To achieve the desired outcome we undertook the following steps:

  • Removal and demolition of all existing plant and equipment,
  • Preparation and drawing of all documents for the installation of new equipment and ductwork,
  • Installation of the new VRV recovery systems which enabled the introduction of outside air and individual fan coils for each office, and
  • Commissioning of all air conditioning plant.


At the end of the project all offices have their own individual temperature controls and are able to set them to their own individual preferences, with a constant flow of air.