SAM’s commercial experience covers a broad range of government and industrial sectors.

Our construction teams can be found in hospitals, schools, local government facilities, aged homes, apartment blocks, offices, hotels and underground car parks. In fact, just about any type of building that requires the latest mechanical services systems.

And there’s one common theme that links all these projects: a strong focus on sustainable solutions – systems that operate on minimal energy consumption and reduced carbon emissions.

Healthcare, aged care and education

SAM Specialist Air Management has many years experience operating in sensitive health environments such as hospitals where attention to quality and hygiene is critical.

We understand the demanding clinical requirements of medical and aged care facilities, working closely with centre managers on the installation and maintenance of precision systems in areas such as medical gases, filtration and climate control.

Our technicians are also highly experienced in the education sector. We install sophisticated mechanical service systems tailored to suit a range of building configurations and room sizes.

The systems have to be capable of regulating temperature and air quality to cater for a multitude of uses in areas that may include lecture theatres, technical workshops, laboratories, kitchens and gymnasiums.