WCH First Patient Friendly MRI Machine

The nation’s first digital MRI machine combined with an ambient light and sound package has been installed at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Health Minister John Hill said the new equipment represents very latest in medical imaging technology and a $3.63 million investment in patient care.

The State Government contributed $2.3 million towards the project, with the Little Heroes Foundation committing $1.28 million and $50,000 from Triple M. “The new MRI suite at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital is the most advanced of its kind in Australia, providing superior image quality and reduced scanning times for patients,” Minister Hill said.

“The state-of-the-art digital MRI system represents a breakthrough in diagnostic efficiency, accuracy and patient comfort. “The scans are much clearer and faster - in some cases from 19 minutes using the old technology to around three minutes with digital.”

An MRI uses a magnetic field and radio frequencies to allow clinicians to see a detailed cross-section of the body, including arteries, muscles, bones and the brain. Doctors use the images to diagnose disease or abnormality and to help them plan treatment.

“The MRI process can be quite a daunting and uncomfortable process for young children but the ambient lighting and sound system will help entertain and relax patients without a general anaesthetic,” Minister Hill said.

“Using a touch screen tablet, patients create their own world and reduce their anxiety by controlling lighting, calming visuals and sound.”